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The Right DJ for Your Event

What criteria are you using to choose the right DJ for your BIG DAY or special event?

If the initial response is “cost, price or affordability” then you will most-likely wind up disappointed at the end of your party… or maybe sooner!

Wedding-Dance-2In a recent survey of wedding guests, nationwide, when asked what they remembered most about the wedding they just attended, over 70% said it was the band or DJ. Good, bad or ugly, the entertainment seems to be the last thing that people notice when they leave, so it’s the first thing that they remember — or many times, wish to forget.

Key questions to ask when shopping for a DJ:

  1. How much wedding or special event experience do you have? (Time spinning tunes at the bar does NOT count)
  2. How much time will you put into the preparation of my event? (Is your DJ willing to prepare and help coordinate the elements of your event? They should)
  3. Do you have testimonials or references? (Any DJ that is shy to share a few quality references is a major RED FLAG)

Finally, don’t get hung up on the music. With the ease and availability of the internet, any ‘professional’ DJ should have access to an unlimited amount of songs. No excuses here!

Bottom line… Spend your budget on the memory makers. The Photographer, The Food and the DJ… Wanna cut costs? Do it elsewhere.

As I’ve always said… If you are spending more on your appetizers than you are on your DJ, you are setting yourself up for disappointment!

Happy planning!

About the author

Chris is a seasoned and talented DJ and Marketing Professional. Since 1987, Chris has been using his emcee skills and keen ability to read a crowd, while entertaining at weddings, special events, corporate parties, fund-raisers and more. Formerly MC's Entertainment and MC's Professional DJ Services, Foster chose to change the name to Momentum Entertainment in 2011 to better relate to today's modern bride. Choose Momentum for your next BIG event!

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